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Duplicate File Finder

Today I came across a very good Open Source Tool to find duplicate files on my system. It is especially useful to people who love to download files from internet and then forget to categorize them and store them in the right folder. Sometimes, the same file is downloaded from net without knowing that its already there in the knowledge bank. Finding duplicate files on the system is very difficult with normal search tools provided by Windows.

DUFF – DUPLICATE FILE FINDER comes to rescue. It offers numerous built-in and plugin-based file comparison layers, duplicate markers, and fileset processers. You can search duplicate files by file size, name and format. Duplicate files are shown in groups and then you can mark them for permanent deletion.

Download Link:


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Opensource Solutions Directory

I am quite a big fan of Opensource Applications.

Here are some of the URLs that link to Opensource Solutions:

Google Directory:



OSALT: (Contains both Commercially Opensource and Opensource)

EOS Directory: (Enterprise Opensource Solutions with ratings)


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