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Yesterday I went to see an ICL Match in Ahmedabad. It was between Lahor Badshah and Mumbai Champs. The stadium was jam packed and I could find even some standees. It’s really a hit and would give tough fight to BCCI in years to come. The concept is really good, however, ICL needs to find out some quality players. They also need to work upon their marketing strategy and projecting their players as ICONS.

BCCI is really not doing justice to the game of cricket and its thinktank is busy in self indulgence. What is the harm in allowing someone like ICL to conduct matches in India, find out some good players, pull the crowd and generating income for players? If by this exercise, if India finds a few good quality players who could be part of the national team, where is the harm? All these comes for free to BCCI and India at the expense of ICL.

Cudos to Ahmedabadis who welcomed ICL as its very own. One of the reason why people gathered in large numbers is due the fact that the stadium is located in the heart of the city and one can easily reach there in just 15 minutes from anywhere in Ahmedabad.


October 24, 2008 at 4:51 am 1 comment

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